Wegmans W2 (For Former and Current Employees)


Wegmans W2 Form is a document that highlights that taxes withheld from your annual pay. The company is responsible for providing employees with the Form W-2. Employees can get their Wehamns W2 Online and also by mail.

Even former employees can get their Wegmans W2 Former Employee. The process is straightforward. You need to use the website to access your Wegmans Employee W2 Form. We have provided the instructions below for both former and current employees.

Wegmans W2 Online Details

Portal Name:Wegmans W2 Website
Requirements:Username and Password
Purpose:Get your Wegmans W2 Forms

Wegmans W2 Login Requirements

To get your Wegmans W2 Online, you will need the following things:


  • Username and Password to MyWegmansConnect Login.
  • An internet connection to visit the login website.
  • Mobile Phone, PC, Laptop, or Tablet.
  • URL to the Wegmans W-2 website:

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How to Get Wegmans W2 Form?

Follow the instructions listed below to get your Wegmans W2 Online:


  • Go to the MyWegmansConnect website at
  • Enter your Username, tap “Next”, and enter your password.
  • Click the “Sign in” button to access the dashboard.
  • There, navigate to the “My Pay” section to view more details.
  • Under “Tax Information,” you will see a link to download your W2.
  • Click on it, and download your Wegmans W2 Online.
  • You can also print your W-2 Form if you want a hard copy.

Wegmans W2 Former Employee

Are you a former Wegmans Employee? If yes, you can get your Wegmans W2 Former Employee online. Here are the steps:


  • First, visit the¬†MyWegmansConnect website at
  • Enter the login credentials and complete the login process.
  • Follow the instructions listed above, and you will have your W2 in no time.
  • As a former employee, you can use your previous Employee ID and Password.

You can also get your Wegmans W2 Former Employee by mail. Just call the Wegmans Payroll Department, and request the W-2 Form. Confirm your current residential address with the operator to ensure you receive your W2 on time.

Wegmans W2 Benefits

Here are some advantages of having your Wegmans W2 Form:


  • Filing your taxes accurately
  • Detecting identity theft
  • Applying for loans and benefits
  • Tracking your income and expenses
  • Contributing to retirement accounts

Wegmans W2 Form Help

For any questions or issues related to Wegmans W2 Former Employee or Wegmans W2 Online, please call the Wegmans Payroll Department today. Here are the contact details:


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That is all with the Wegmans W2 Form. We have provided all the information in the post after researching it properly. If you have any questions regarding Wegmans W2 Former Employee or Wegmans W2 Online, do contact the official channels. For any questions or suggestions related to the contact, please let us know. We will be happy to help.