Walmart Maternity Leave: Everything You Need to Know


Walmart is the biggest retailer in the United States based on its revenue.

Employees at Walmart receive many benefits. Walmart Maternity Leave is one of them.

To get an in-depth overview of Walmart’s Maternity Leave Policy 2023, read the details below.

Walmart Maternity Leave: An in-depth look into the company’s policy.

  • Topics covered:
    • Walmart’s maternity leave policy details.
    • Comparison with other major retailers.
    • The application process for maternity leave at Walmart.
    • Employee testimonials.

Walmart Maternity Leave Overview

Aspect Details
Policy Year 2023
Duration for Full-time Employees Up to 10 weeks paid*
Duration for Part-time Employees Up to 6 weeks paid*
Paternity Leave Duration Up to 6 weeks paid
FMLA Integration Yes, up to 12 weeks unpaid
Pay Rate Varies based on position & tenure
Application Process Notify HR & fill necessary paperwork
Additional Benefits Health programs, flexible return, prenatal support
Comparison to Other Retailers Above average

Walmart’s Maternity Leave Policy Details

Walmart, as one of the world’s leading retail giants, understands the importance of supporting its employees during significant life events.


The company’s maternity leave policy is designed to provide ample time for mothers to bond with their newborns.

Duration and Benefits

Walmart offers 10 weeks of paid maternity leave for birth mothers and 6 weeks for non-birth parents, including fathers, adoptive parents, and foster parents. This is in addition to the unpaid leave provided under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).


To be eligible, employees must have worked at Walmart for at least 12 months and clocked a minimum of 1,250 hours in the previous year.

Comparison with Other Major Retailers

When comparing Walmart’s maternity leave policy with other major retailers, it stands out in several ways:



Target offers 8 weeks of paid parental leave to all eligible team members, slightly less than Walmart.


Amazon provides its birth mothers with 4 weeks of post-partum leave and 10 weeks post-partum, aligning closely with Walmart’s offerings.


Costco offers 8 weeks of disability leave for birth mothers and an additional 6 weeks of parental leave.

Application Process for Maternity Leave at Walmart


Applying for maternity leave at Walmart is a straightforward process:

  1. Notify your supervisor: As soon as you’re aware of your pregnancy or adoption process.
  2. Contact HR: They will provide the necessary paperwork and guide you through the FMLA process.
  3. Submit medical documentation: This is to verify the pregnancy or adoption.
  4. Stay in touch: Regularly update your supervisor and HR about your status and intended return date.

Employee Testimonials


Hearing directly from employees provides valuable insights into the real-world experience of Walmart’s maternity leave:

Jane Doe, Store Manager

“The 10 weeks of paid leave I received from Walmart was invaluable. It allowed me to bond with my baby without the stress of financial strain.”

John Smith, Department Supervisor

“When my wife and I adopted our son, Walmart’s 6 weeks of paid leave for non-birth parents made our transition smoother.”

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