How to Contact Walmart Employee Help Desk?


All Walmart Associates can reach out to Employee Help for assistance with anything related to their work. We have provided contact details for the Walmart Employee Help Desk should you be an employee with questions.

If you have any questions about your Walmart Employee Login, Walmart W2, or Walmart Store, you can use the contact details provided. Each division of Walmart has its own dedicated employee helpline. Here, for your convenience, we’ve listed them out.

Walmart Employee Help Line

The following is a list of Walmart’s department-specific employee support hotlines. Please follow the link below to access the Walmart Employee Help Desk information specific to your country, if you are located outside of the United States.

All three of the aforementioned numbers may be used to reach the Walmart employee help desk. Before contacting a specific agency, it is important to determine which category your issue falls under.

Walmart W2 Form

To obtain your W2 after leaving Walmart, the process is straightforward. On our site, you can find detailed instructions. Visit our site today if you want to look over the steps necessary to obtain your Walmart W2 For Former Employees.

About Walmart Corporation

The American retail giant Walmart operates stores in more than 15 countries. In 1962, on July 2, Sam Walton established the company. More than 10,585 Walmart stores will be open in the United States alone by the year 2022. Even more impressive is the fact that this retail giant has a presence in no less than 24 different nations.

The company headquarters for Walmart can be found in Bentonville, Arkansas. More than 2,300,000 people worldwide are employed by the firm. Walmart ranks first among the Fortune 500 companies in terms of revenue. Thus far in 2022, it has earned $572,8 billion in sales. If you want to know more about Walmart, then click here.

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