Walmart Employee Dress Code


In recent years, Walmart has made significant changes to its employee dress code, reflecting a more casual and inclusive approach.

If you’re a current or prospective Walmart employee, understanding these guidelines is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into:

  • The evolution of Walmart’s dress code over the years.
  • Key components of the current dress code.
  • Role-specific clothing guidelines.
  • Preparing for a Walmart interview.
  • Frequently asked questions about the dress code.

Let’s dive in!


Walmart, one of the world’s largest retail chains, has always been at the forefront of setting industry standards.


Over the years, the Walmart dress code has seen several transformations, aiming to strike a balance between professionalism and personal expression.

General AttireCasual to semi-formal, depending on the role.
JeansAllowed in any color; should be free from rips, embellishments, or jewels.
ShirtsAny color or pattern; should be neat and professional-looking.
Vest & Name TagProvided by Walmart; vest color varies based on position.
FootwearSneakers are allowed; should be neat and in good condition.
Tattoos & Dyed HairMost are permitted; should reflect a professional image.
Prohibited ItemsLeggings, yoga pants.
JeggingsPermitted if they adhere to overall dress code guidelines.
SkirtsAllowed; should be no shorter than 3.5 inches above the knee.
HoodiesAcceptance varies based on the manager’s discretion and role.
Hats & HeadwearWalmart baseball caps are allowed; some roles (e.g., cashiers) might have restrictions.
Piercings & AccessoriesFacial piercings are allowed; those in fresh food areas might need to remove piercings for hygiene reasons.
Interview Dress Code (Hourly)Men: Button-down shirt & khakis/slacks. Women: Neat skirts/slacks & blouse.
Interview Dress Code (Manager)More formal attire such as suits is recommended.

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Evolution of Walmart’s Dress Code

Over the years, Walmart’s dress code has transitioned from stringent formal attire to a more relaxed and inclusive style.


This shift not only mirrors the changing fashion trends but also resonates with the diverse preferences of Walmart’s vast global workforce.

Allowed Clothing Items

Denim Jeans

Denim jeans of any color have become a staple in the Walmart employee wardrobe.

However, it’s crucial for employees to ensure their jeans are:

  • Free from rips or tears.
  • Devoid of any embellishments or jewels.
  • Neat and presentable for a professional setting.



Walmart has embraced individuality by allowing its employees the freedom to wear shirts of any color or pattern. This flexibility:

  • Encourages employees to showcase their personal style.
  • Enhances workplace morale by not restricting clothing choices.

Vest and Name Tag

The vest and name tag remains an iconic part of the Walmart uniform.

While every employee is provided with these, the color of the vest is indicative of the employee’s position within the company.

Footwear Guidelines

The days when employees were restricted to formal shoes are long gone.

Walmart now promotes comfort alongside professionalism. Employees can opt for:

  • Sneakers of any style, as long as they are neat.
  • Shoes that provide comfort for long hours without compromising on the professional look.

Tattoos and Dyed Hair

In line with modern workplace trends, Walmart has adopted a progressive stance towards personal expression.

The company’s inclusive values shine through as:

  • Most tattoos, irrespective of their size or design, are permitted.
  • Employees can sport dyed hair in a range of colors, reflecting their personal style.

What Not to Wear


Even as Walmart’s dress code has evolved to be more inclusive, there are still specific clothing items that employees need to steer clear of:

Leggings and Yoga Pants

Despite their popularity and comfort, leggings and yoga pants are not permitted.

Their casual nature doesn’t align with the professional image Walmart aims to project.


While similar to leggings, jeggings have found acceptance in the Walmart dress code.

They’re a popular choice among employees, but it’s essential to ensure they:

  • Fit well without being too tight.
  • Adhere to the overall dress code guidelines, especially in terms of length and design.

Customizing the Walmart Uniform

Walmart believes in allowing its employees to express their individuality, even within the confines of a uniform:


Vest Customizations

While the standard vest is provided to every employee free of charge, there’s room for personalization. Employees can:

  • Add patches, pins, or other small personal touches.
  • Opt for customizations, available at a nominal fee, to make their vest stand out.

Dress Code Nuances Based on Roles


The dress code isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Depending on an employee’s role within the company, there might be specific guidelines to follow:

Role-Specific Clothing Guidelines


Skirts are a fashionable choice and are allowed. However, they should:

  • Be of an appropriate length, not shorter than three and a half inches above the knee.
  • Pair well with the Walmart vest for a cohesive look.


The acceptance of hoodies is not universal. It largely depends on:

  • The manager’s discretion.
  • The specific role of the employee, with some roles prioritizing safety over style.

Hats and Headwear

Walmart baseball caps are a common sight among employees. However, their allowance is role-specific:

  • While floor managers might sport them, cashiers are typically not permitted to wear hats.

Piercings and Personal Accessories


Walmart took a significant step towards inclusivity with its 2018 dress code update:

Facial Piercings

Facial piercings, once a taboo, are now allowed. However, employees should be aware that:

  • Those working in fresh food areas might be asked to remove piercings to maintain hygiene standards.
  • The number and style of piercings should still reflect a professional image.

Preparing for a Walmart Interview


When gearing up for an interview at Walmart, your attire plays a pivotal role.

It’s not just about looking good; it’s about showcasing professionalism and a genuine interest in the position.

Dress Code for Hourly Job Interviews

Hourly positions at Walmart might not demand the strictest of formal wear, but it’s essential to strike a balance between casual and overly formal:

For Men

  • Button-down or dress shirt: Choose neutral colors like white, blue, or gray to ensure you look polished.
  • Khakis or slacks: These should be well-fitted, free of stains, and ironed.

For Women

  • Skirts or slacks: Opt for a length that’s comfortable and professional. Pair it with a belt if needed.
  • Blouse: A comfortable blouse in a solid color or subtle pattern works best. Ensure it’s not too low-cut or see-through.

Dress Code for Management or Leadership Interviews

As you climb the corporate ladder, the expectations around attire also rise.

For those eyeing a management or leadership role at Walmart, here’s what’s recommended:

For Men

  • Suit: A well-fitted suit in navy, black, or gray showcases professionalism. Pair it with a tie for added finesse.
  • Dress shoes: Ensure they’re polished and complement your suit.

For Women

  • Business suit or dress: Opt for conservative colors and ensure the fit is right.
  • Heels or formal flats: Choose a comfortable height, ensuring they’re clean and in good condition.

Walmart Dress Code FAQs


Can I wear any color shirt under my vest?

Yes, shirts of any color or pattern are allowed.

Are there any restrictions on sneaker brands or styles?

As long as the sneakers are neat and in good condition, they are acceptable.

How strict is Walmart with the dress code during interviews?

It's always best to err on the side of caution and dress professionally for interviews.


Adhering to the Walmart employee dress code not only ensures a professional appearance but also showcases the company’s values and culture.

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