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We love a delicious Subway sandwich, but did you know your feedback about the same can help you win free cookies?

Enter the Subway Listens Survey at, a platform designed to hear from valued customers like you!

Let’s dive deeper into the journey of contributing to Subway’s growth.

What is TellSubway and Subway Listens Survey?

TellSubway and Subway Listens Survey are two online feedback platforms offered by Subway to its customers.

TellSubway Survey is a customer satisfaction survey hosted at where participants can share their experiences and feedback directly with the company.


On the other hand, Subway Listens Survey is a short, easy-to-complete survey available at that values your time and appreciates your feedback by offering a free cookie.

Quick Comparison: TellSubway vs Subway Listens
Survey LengthLonger, detailed1-minute, brief
RewardFree cookieFree cookie
PurposeComprehensive feedbackQuick feedback
AccessibilityRequires purchase receipt with survey codeRequires purchase receipt with survey code
Website DesignUser-friendlyOptimized for quick response

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Purpose and Importance of the Survey

The primary goal of these surveys is to understand customers’ opinions about Subway’s food quality, service, and overall dining experience.

This collected feedback plays a vital role in enhancing Subway’s services and catering to your future needs in a better way.

Overview of

Brief Description of is an intuitive and user-friendly online portal where you can submit your candid feedback about your visit to Subway.


It’s not just about highlighting the shortcomings; it’s also about appreciating what you loved at Subway!

Benefits of Participating in the Survey

Free Cookie Reward

Participation in the Subway survey for free cookies comes with an exciting perk.


After completion, you get a validation code that can be redeemed for a free cookie on your next visit. Sweet, isn’t it?

Improved Customer Experience

By sharing your views, you help Subway make necessary changes and improvements.

Hence, your next visit could be even more enjoyable thanks to your valuable feedback.

Subway Listens Survey at

Requirements for Participation

To participate, you need a recent Subway purchase receipt with a unique survey code and access to the internet.


Step-by-Step Guide to Participating

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the unique survey code printed on your receipt
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the survey
  4. Answer the questions based on your recent Subway experience

Understanding the Survey Questions


Quality of Food and Service

Questions about the freshness and taste of food, accuracy of the order, and speed of service are asked to gauge the customer’s overall dining experience.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Subway values your opinion about the cleanliness of its outlets. Your response can influence its housekeeping rules and regulations.

Staff Behavior and Responsiveness

Share your interaction experience with Subway’s staff. Your feedback can improve their customer service training programs.

The 1-minute Subway Survey


Design and Layout of the Survey

1-minute Subway Survey is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

The questions are straightforward and require no extended pondering, making them easy to complete in a minute or less.

Efficiency of the Platform is optimized for quick response, meaning you won’t spend time waiting for pages to load. You’ll be through with your feedback in a flash!

Impact Of 1-minute Subway Survey

Encouraging More Participants

The short duration encourages more customers to take part in the survey.

More participants mean more extensive and valuable feedback for Subway.

Gathering Quick Feedback

Subway can swiftly take action based on quick feedback, making improvements promptly.

Steps to Claim the Free Cookie

  1. Complete the survey at
  2. At the end of the survey, you will receive a validation code
  3. Note down the code on your receipt
  4. Present this code at any Subway outlet on your next visit to claim your free cookie

Conditions to Redeem the Free Cookie

Remember, the code is valid for a limited time only.

Also, it cannot be exchanged for cash or any other item. and

Similarities Between the Two Platforms

Both platforms are customer feedback portals and aim to improve Subway’s services based on customers’ responses.

Both reward participants with a free cookie upon completion of the survey.

Differences and Their Significance tends to have more detailed questions and takes a bit longer to complete compared to the 1-minute survey at

The choice between the two usually depends on the participant’s available time and willingness to provide detailed feedback.

Impact of the Subway Listens Survey

Insights Derived from the Survey

Subway derives essential insights about customer preferences, complaints, and suggestions from these surveys, guiding its strategies for improvement and growth.

Customer feedback directly influences Subway’s business decisions, from menu changes to new outlet locations, to staff training programs.

Subway Survey FAQs


What is the purpose of the Subway Listens Survey and TellSubway survey?

The purpose of these surveys is to gather customer feedback to help Subway improve its food and services. Customers can share their experiences, opinions, and suggestions directly with the company.

How can I participate in the Subway Listens Survey?

To participate, visit, enter the unique survey code from your recent Subway receipt, and follow the on-screen instructions.

What is the reward for participating in the Subway survey?

After completing the survey, participants receive a validation code that they can redeem for a free cookie on their next visit to Subway.

Can I participate in the Subway Listens Survey without making a purchase?

No, a recent purchase receipt with a unique survey code is necessary to participate in the survey.

How long does the 1-minute Subway Survey actually take to complete?

As the name suggests, the survey is designed to be completed in about a minute. The actual time may vary slightly based on your internet speed and response time.

How does Subway use the feedback provided in the surveys?

Subway uses the feedback to understand customer experiences and preferences better. This helps them improve their food, services, and overall customer experience.

What is the difference between and hosts a more detailed survey that takes longer to complete, whereas hosts a 1-minute survey for quick feedback.

How can I contact Subway if I have an issue with the survey?

Subway's customer service can be reached via their online contact form, telephone (1-800-888-4848 for U.S. and 020 3918 5241 for U.K.), mail (Subway Corporate Office, 325 Bic Drive, Milford, CT 06461, USA), or social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns about TellSubway or the Subway Listens Survey, Subway provides several ways for customers to get in touch:

Online Contact Form

You can use the online contact form available on Subway’s official website to send a direct message. The customer service team will review your message and respond as soon as possible.


Customer service is available over the phone for immediate concerns or queries. Reach out to them using the following numbers:


You can also send a letter to Subway’s corporate address:

Subway Corporate Office 325 Bic Drive Milford, CT 06461 USA

Social Media

Subway is also active on several social media platforms where you can send a message or leave a comment:

Remember to include relevant details (like survey code or store location) in your communication to expedite the response.

The more information you provide, the better Subway can assist you.


The Subway Listens Survey and TellSubway serve as direct lines of communication between

Subway and its customers. By voicing your experiences, you’re contributing to making Subway even better.

Plus, you get a free cookie as a token of appreciation. So why wait? Participate in the survey today and let your voice be heard!

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