Kroger Grocery Pickup | How to Use It?


All Kroger Co. customers have access to Kroger Grocery Pickup or Kroger ClickList. With Kroger Grocery Pickup, you can have your groceries delivered to your door.


Read on for more information on Kroger Grocery Pickup and how it works. In addition, we’ve detailed the steps you’ll need to take to order Kroger Grocery Pickup and Delivery online.

How does Kroger Grocery Pickup Work?

Kroger Grocery Pickup allows customers to place their grocery orders online and have them delivered to their preferred location at a pre-selected time. Kroger’s Grocery Pickup is free on orders of $35 or more. If your order is less than the minimum, you will be charged accordingly.

You must follow the steps below to learn all about Kroger Grocery Pickup.

How Do I Make a Kroger Grocery Pickup Order at the Store Online?

Choosing Pickup and Adding Products to Cart

  • To learn more about Kroger Grocery Pickup, go to this page.
  • Then sign in or create your Kroger Digital Account
  • Now enter the zip code and select “pickup” as your shopping method
  • After that, you can pick up your order from your chosen location.
  • Then use the “Start My Cart” option, or search for the products you desire
  • After that, go to your shopping basket and check out all your items.
  • It’s also possible to provide product-specific instructions.

Paying for Your Purchase

  • Select “Check Out Pickup Goods” once you’ve checked out the items.
  • After that, choose a day and time for pick up.
  • Up to seven days in advance, you can order pickup.
  • You may now enter your contact information to get notifications on the progress of your purchase.
  • Selecting a payment method and completing the order process are the next steps.
  • An email or text message will be sent to you as a confirmation.

Take Your Order to the Store

  • Arrive at the store at the time slot that you’ve chosen to pick up your order.
  • Use the app to notify the retailer that you will be arriving within the next 15 minutes.
  • Thus, you may save time by having your purchase ready in advance.
  • In addition, there are designated parking spaces where you may leave your car.
  • Afterward, the workers will stow the food in the car
  • In other words, you won’t have to get out of your vehicle.

Kroger Grocery Pickup Near Me

The “Grocery Pickup Kroger Near Me” link below will provide the closest Grocery Pickup Kroger to your current location.


After logging into your account, you’ll be prompted to input your zip code. Kroger Grocery Pickup Points around your current location will subsequently be listed.

About Kroger’s Grocery Pickup Service

Don’t worry if you work at Kroger. Following the above procedures will allow you to use Kroger Grocery Pickup. Using your Kroger Feed Login may also help you save even more money.


The KrogerFeedback Survey may be accessed via the Kroger Grocery Pickup transaction receipt. You’ll earn 50 Kroger Fuel Points right now, plus you’ll be entered to win a $5000 Kroger Gift Card in the Kroger Sweepstakes.

Contact Details of Grocery Pickup at Kroger

Kroger Grocery Pickup Associates may be reached through the details provided below if you have any queries about Grocery Pickup Kroger or the Kroger Clicklist.

  • Kroger Grocery Pickup: 1-800-576-4377

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Following the instructions above for your Kroger Grocery Pickup order is essential. In addition, feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments area below. We’ll do our best to respond to any questions you may have. You may also use the comment area to suggest any subjects you want us to explore.

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