Kohl’s Employee Handbook


Kohl’s Employee Handbook is an essential tool that every Kohl’s Employee needs.

Because it highlights all the necessary rules and policies of the company.

You can get your Kohl’s Employee Handbook 2023 online.


Follow the steps below and also read some of the main Kohl’s Employee Policies.

Kohl’s Employee Handbook 2023

As with any other Employee Handbook, Kohl’s Employee Handbook also focuses on the main concerns of its employees.


You can grasp the policies in the Handbook pretty easily. Here is an overview of what you can expect in Kohl’s Handbook:

Introduction and Welcome

A message from the company’s leadership welcoming new employees and setting the tone for the organization.

Company Mission, Vision, and Values

You will find information about the company’s core beliefs and guiding principles.

Employment Policies

Details on employment status, job classifications, working hours, and attendance requirements will also be included.

Compensation and Benefits

You will also find details about salary or hourly pay, benefits packages, and any bonus or incentive programs.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Guidelines on expected behavior, including ethical standards, dress code, and workplace professionalism will also be included.

Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policies

You will also find information on the company’s commitment to maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace and procedures for reporting discrimination or harassment.

Health and Safety

Safety guidelines, emergency procedures, and information on the workplace will also be included in the Employee Handbook.

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Other Policies in Kohl’s Employee Handbook

Here are some other policies you can expect to find in Kohl’s Handbook:


Workplace Communication

Guidelines on how employees should communicate with colleagues, managers, and customers, including the use of company email and communication tools will also be a part of your Employee Handbook.

Attendance and Punctuality

Expectations for arriving on time, requesting time off, and reporting absences will also be highlighted to help employees understand their importance.

Dress Code and Appearance

You will also find all the details on Kohl’s Employee Dress Code. This will allow you to wear the most relevant attire while working.

Social Media and Technology Use

Policies regarding the use of social media and company technology, including acceptable use and privacy considerations will also be included.

Conflict Resolution

You will also find information on procedures for resolving conflicts and disputes within the workplace, including options for mediation or reporting issues to HR.

Whistleblower Protection

The Employee Handbook will also include details on how employees can report misconduct or unethical behavior while ensuring their protection from retaliation.

Benefits Enrollment

Instructions on how to enroll in and manage employee benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and other perks will also be a part of your Kohl’s Handbook.

Performance Reviews and Feedback

The details on how performance evaluations are conducted and how feedback is given to employees will also be found in your Kohl’s Employee Handbook.

Sustainability and Environmental Policies

You will also find information on the company’s commitment to sustainability and any environmental initiatives in place.

Use of Company Property

You will also find guidelines on the responsible use of company equipment, vehicles, and other assets.

Emergency Procedures

Detailed instructions on what to do in case of fire, natural disasters, medical emergencies, or other workplace emergencies will be found in your handbook.

Travel and Expense Policies

Details on reimbursement for business-related travel and expense reporting procedures will be included in your employee handbook.

Employee Grievance Process

Kohl’s Employee Handbook will also include the steps to follow if an employee has a complaint or grievance related to their employment.

Training on Handbook Policies

How and when employees will be trained on the content of the employee handbook?

Updates and Revisions

It will also include details on how updates and revisions to the handbook will be communicated to employees.

How to Get Kohl’s Employee Handbook?

There are several ways to get your Kohl’s Employee Handbook 2023.


Here are a few of them:

Kohl’s Employee Handbook PDF

You can get your Kohl’s Employee Handbook 2023 in PDF Form online. Just click here and you will have access to your Kohl’s Handbook. You can view it or download it.

During your orientation

When you are first hired by Kohl’s, you will be given a copy of the Employee Handbook during your orientation. This is the most common way to get a copy of the handbook.

On the Kohl’s website

The Kohl’s website has a section for employees that contains several resources, including the Employee Handbook. You can access the handbook by going to Kohl’s website and clicking on the “Employees” tab.

By contacting your manager

If you cannot find the Employee Handbook on Kohl’s website or you do not have a copy from your orientation, you can contact your manager. They should be able to provide you with a copy of the handbook.

Kohl’s Employee Support

For any questions or concerns related to Kohl’s Employee Handbook, contact Kohl’s Employee Support today.


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