Avoiding USPS Change of Address Scam: Essential Tips & Warnings


In today’s digital age, even the most routine tasks can be fraught with pitfalls.

One such deceptive trap is the “USPS Change of Address Scam.”

Before diving deep, here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll uncover in this article:

  • The Scam’s Nature: Learn about how fraudsters exploit the USPS change of address service.
  • Spotting Fake Websites: Tips to distinguish genuine USPS sites from deceptive ones.
  • Cost Misconceptions: Understand the real costs associated with changing your address and how scammers inflate these.
  • Safeguarding Measures: Essential precautions to ensure you don’t fall victim.
  • Consequences: The potential repercussions if you’re ensnared by this scam.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the USPS change of address process safely and securely.

Moving homes is a significant milestone.

But in the digital age, even the simplest tasks like changing your address can become a potential pitfall.

This article sheds light on the USPS change of address scam and how to steer clear of it.

If you’re relocating to a new apartment or home, it’s essential to be aware of this relatively new version of an old scam that specifically targets homeowners in transition.

USPS Change of Address Scam


The U.S. Postal Service has always been a reliable institution.

However, scammers are exploiting homeowners in transition, capitalizing on their need to change addresses.

These fake websites use landing pages and other tactics to direct you to sites that look eerily similar to the official post office site.

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The Allure of Online Address Changes


Changing your address online offers unparalleled convenience.

But this very convenience is what scammers prey on.

They’re aware that in the hustle and bustle of moving, homeowners might overlook the authenticity of a site.

Moreover, because many people are unaware of the actual costs associated with a USPS change of address, they easily fall prey to these scams.

Unmasking the Scam: How It Operates

Knowledge is power. By understanding how this scam operates, you can easily sidestep potential threats.

The Deceptive Nature of Fake Websites

Fake websites are the backbone of this scam.

Crafted meticulously, they bear an uncanny resemblance to the official post office site.

Always double-check the URL and look for HTTPS before proceeding.

It’s worth noting that even a Google search for changing your address with USPS might not ensure your online safety.

Some fake USPS change of address sites has managed to dominate search results, deceiving many.

Misconception about USPS Change of Address Costs

Many fall prey to the scam because they’re unaware of the actual costs.

The USPS change of address is either free or costs next to nothing. Don’t be fooled by sites that claim otherwise.

Real Cost of USPS Change of Address

The real cost is minimal. At most, the Postal Service charges $1.05 to change your address online.

This fee is merely for verification purposes.

You can even avoid this fee if you download the form and complete it yourself or simply walk into a post office and fill one out.

Third-Party Sites: The Hidden Traps

Not all third-party sites have malicious intent. However, it’s essential to tread with caution.

Some third-party sites do provide change of address forms online, but they charge exorbitant fees, sometimes up to $80.

Safeguarding Yourself from the Scam

Awareness and vigilance are your best defenses against this scam.

Recognizing Genuine USPS Procedures


Familiarize yourself with the official USPS change of address procedures. When in doubt, visit your local post office.

The official USPS webpage for customers who want to change their address online is

Red Flags to Watch Out For

  • Unexpectedly high charges for address change.
  • Websites without HTTPS in their URL.
  • Unsolicited emails prompting an address change.

Consequences of Falling for the Scam


The repercussions of falling for this scam extend beyond financial loss.


In this digital age, staying vigilant is paramount.

The USPS change of address scam is a stark reminder of the lurking online threats.

Always prioritize your online safety and trust only official channels for sensitive tasks.

If you go online for a USPS change of address form and are asked for more than a buck and change, you’re being ripped off.

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