Kroger FEED Login – MyTime Kroger ESchedule


Kroger Feed Login is an online portal for Kroger Employees. It is used to access the latest information related to Kroger.

Employees can visit the website to access the login page.

You will need your Kroger EUID and Password to complete the Kroger Eschedule Login process.

Previously, you were able to check your Kroger Schedule at

But now, you need to access the MyTime Kroger Login to check your Schedule online.

We have provided the instructions for both Kroger Feed Login and Kroger My Time Login below.

Moreover, we have also provided further steps to access your Kroger FEED App or MyTime Kroger App online. So, let’s get into it.

Kroger Employee Login Details

Portal Name:Kroger Employee Login & Kroger MyTime
Company:The Kroger Co.
Login &
Requirements:Kroger EUID & Password
Purpose:Kroger Employee Schedule and Other Information

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How to Access Kroger Feed Login?

Follow the step-by-step process below to access My ESchedule Kroger Login.

Feed Kroger Login Requirements


  • Kroger EUID and Password.
  • A usable mobile device.
  • Access to an internet connection.
  • And link to the Feed Kroger and MyTime Kroger website.

Kroger Feed Login Steps

Follow the steps provided below to access your Login today.



  • Enter your Kroger EUID and Password on the homepage.
  • Read the “Terms and Conditions” of Feed Kroger Login.
  • Click the “I AGREE” button to access your account.

Feed Kroger Login Password Recovery

If you lost or forgotten the password to your Kroger Feed Login Account, worry not. Follow the steps listed below to recover it.


  • Get in touch with your Kroger Store Branch Manager.
  • Since you’ve forgotten your current password, request a new one.
  • Now use the new password to log in at website.

How to Log In at

Follow the steps listed below to access your Kroger ESchedule online:

  • Go to the MyTime Kroger Portal at
  • Enter your Kroger Enterprise User ID and Password on the website.
  • Click the “Sign In” button to access the My Time Kroger Login Dashboard.

Check MyTime Kroger Schedule Online

Follow the instructions below to check your MyTime Kroger Schedule online.

  • Go to the Kroger MyTime website at
  • Enter the login credentials and click the “Sign In” button.
  • You can then check your Kroger ESchedule there.

MyTime Kroger Vs. Kroger Feed

FeatureMyTime KrogerFeed Kroger
PurposeCheck Work Schedule, Training, development, and communicationSocial networking and collaboration
Target audienceAll Kroger associatesKroger employees only (may not be available in all regions)
AccessEUID and passwordEUID and password

Kroger Feed & MyTime Kroger Beneifts

You can get the following benefits by using the Login and Login online.


  • Get the latest news related to Kroger Co.
  • Check your Kroger Employee Schedule.
  • Access your Kroger W2 Forms online.
  • MyTime Kroger also allows you to swap shifts.
  • Get in touch with your fellow employees.
  • Reach out to your Kroger Branch Manager.
  • Apply for sick leave when you are not feeling well.
  • And more…

MyTime & Kroger FEED App

If you are not comfortable using the Feed Kroger Login on a browser, you can download the Kroger Employee App instead. The Kroger FEED App is available on both iOS and Android.

Furthermore, remember that the Kroger FEED App is also known as the Kroger MyTime App. So, if you want to download the MyTime Kroger App, click the link below.


You can use the application to check your daily or weekly Kroger Work Schedule, get paystubs, receive Kroger Employee Discounts, and more. Click the link below to download the Kroger Feed App or MyTime Kroger App.

Get Feed Kroger Login Support

For any queries or issues regarding Kroger Feed Login or MyTime Kroger Login, get in touch with the Kroger Employee Help Desk today.


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